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About Us

Posted in Wildlife Animal Control in Middle Tennessee

The Trusted Wildlife Animal Control & Removal Company Serving Cookeville, Crossville, Lebanon, TN and Beyond!

Smith’s Wildlife Animal Control is a family-owned, Christian-based, humane animal trapping, nuisance wildlife control company that has been in the business for over a decade now. We offer a variety of wildlife solutions to your critter problems, particularly bees, wasps, bats and all rodents. We specialize in humane animal trapping, insulation upgrade, foundation vents and we repair any damage that wildlife causes. We provide satisfaction-guaranteed services from Lebanon in middle Tennessee to the southern part of Kentucky.

We travel for specific projects, offering a packaged deal that includes trap, repair and exclusion. All of our exclusion work comes with a 5-year warranty with only a few exceptions. Our services are done with the utmost professionalism and greatest attention to every detail. With the competence, exemplary attitude and experience of our wildlife experts, you are assured of quality work and expert care of your wildlife concerns.

We are proud members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association andRead More

Looking for Wild Animal Control Experts?

Posted in Wildlife Animal Control in Middle Tennessee

Smith’s Wild Animal Control & Removal can free your home, office, storage, attic space, or basement of any wild animal or pests. The wildlife animals in TN, KY and AL are nice to look at, but it is better for them to live outside our living spaces.

Here in middle TN, we have several varieties of animals that can wreak havoc on any living space for a family or business. Even if you are in a city like Nashville, Lebanon, or Knoxville you can find many of these pest and have need of our wild animal removal and control. All it takes is one opening for an animal to get in and make their own camp. Once this happens, other animals will soon follow to make this a new living quarters.

Wild Animal Control Services For The Following Middle Tennessee’s Animals & Pests:

• Bats • Snakes • Raccoons • Squirrels • Skunks • Gophers • Bees • Carpenter Bees • Wasps • Hornets • Yellow Jackets • Foxes • Owls • Birds • Rats • Mice • Pigeon Control • Moles • Field Mice • Rabbits • Porcupines • Feral Cats • Chipmunks • Armadillos • Beavers • Voles • Woodpeckers • Swallows • Coyotes Read More

We even service areas like Brentwood, Lebanon, Franklin, and Nashville, TN with these type of pest!

Keeping the Wasps Away – Gainesboro, TN

Posted in Animal Control Reviews, Gainesboro

Thank you for being so patient with us…this makes us all the more appreciative of both your work and your business ethics… We need to have you spray around the property around our house for fleas and ticks. Mom’s house also needs to be re-sprayed for wasps after being stung three times last year—not good at 87 years old. Judy Recah – Gainesboro, TN